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Sheila and I did it. We drove all the way to Vancouver, danced for 2.5 hours at the Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert and then drove all the way back home. While in Vancouver we managed to see Stanley Park, walk the seawall, see the Olympic Flame cauldron, walk the length of Robson street, have happy hour at a pre-concert party and then, of course, the concert itself.

I can’t adequately describe the concert because I don’t think I know the right words for it. Or, maybe the right words don’t exist. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. We were on the floor, center field at BC place. Over 40,000 people in attendance. Biggest stage I’ve ever seen. Two and a half hours of partying with arguably the two biggest superstars in the world. The roof of BC Place was partially open for the show (the first time that’s ever been done). While JT was singing Mirrors (the song I was most looking forward to seeing), a light rain started to sprinkle on us. I looked up, saw a plane fly overhead, felt the rain on my face, saw the lights twinkling around the roof and looked over at Sheila – we were there and it was exactly what I’d hoped it would be.


How lucky am I to have a sister who loves this just as much as I do? Someone who would drive 12 hours one way just to see this concert? Sheila is amazing and fun and game for anything and I love her. This was our fourth time seeing JT live. Twice with NSYNC and now twice solo.

Travelling with Sheila was so much fun. We lost our voices on the drive down, chatting and singing along with our driving tunes. We snuggled up in our tent during the night (yes, we camped just outside of Vancity). We hung out in coffee shops playing crib while we waited for the show, and she calmed me down moments before the big event when I was beginning to feel those feelings of excitement that can sometimes put me over the edge (I have a history of excitement-induced migraines…). She made sure I was eating enough, drinking enough water and taking enough deep breaths. She’s the best and I’m so glad we experienced this together.



5 more months until we do it all again. Does this mean that my hobby is going to Justin Timberlake concerts? If so, I’m OK with that.

Here’s a video from our concert. I didn’t take it, but during this we were on the floor (FLOOR SEATS) dancing our fannies off. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I mean, COME ON. I was in this same room as this guy. My love for JT will never die, and I am not ashamed of that fact.

And, just for good measure, here’s the video for Mirrors which makes me teary every time I watch it.

JT and Jay Z – you guys are truly the legends of the summer.





I’ve been away for a long time. It sort of had to happen, because I felt like I’d run out of things to say. I also felt pressure to post things, and pressure isn’t really what I want to drive my blog posts. That’s just no fun.

I’m just going to dive in and share some photos from an amazing day I had yesterday. I got to plan and throw my sister, Sheila, a bridal shower. It was perfect. I had this vision, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to end up, but it all came together exactly as I’d hoped it would. The sun shone, the rain stayed away. There were tea sandwiches, china tea pots and dainty tea cups; cake plates and stands loaded high with scones, cupcakes and other goodies. There were friends and family together in my Grandma’s garden to celebrate this awesome person, who I’m lucky enough to call my sister, and shower her with love and presents. It was lovely.

Sheila Shower1 Sheila Shower 3 Sheila Shower11 Sheila Shower12 Sheila Shower13 Sheila Shower6

It was a great day.


As for my life right now – we are moving this week. Staying in Calgary, but moving into some new digs. It’s all crazy and we have to be completely out of our current place by noon on Friday. Wish me luck?

As many of you know (and as all of you will soon know), I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan. This may surprise some of you, because I tend to lean away from pop music as my music of choice, but you see, JT planted himself in my life when I was 13 and he has firmly stayed in my heart ever since. Yep, I was one of those crazy ‘NSYNC fangirls. ‘NSYNC basically consumed my junior high experience (along with my best friend Laura who was just as crazy as I). We even saw them in concert twice – once in Edmonton, and once in Toronto. Yes, you read that right, my parents made it possible for me, Laura and my sister to fly to Toronto with my Mom to see ‘NSYNC at the SkyDome. Aside from the migraine I developed due to my overwhelming excitement, it was possibly one of the most fun experiences of my life.

Well, that was until Sheila and I scored tickets to be second row when Justin Timberlake rolled into Edmonton 6 years ago (SIX YEARS). That was great. We were standing behind some guys who, very graciously, let us stand in front of them for a few songs so that we could be right at the stage. Like, touching the stage. At the end of the show, JT sprayed his water bottle over the crowd, soaking us. When I tell that part of the story, most (read: all) people respond in the same way: “Eeeew! That’s gross.” No way. Not gross. It’s Justin Timberlake!

132_10324985267_3367_n {I took this picture}

So, imagine my delight when I read this Tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 8.48.35 AM

Wait. What? Justin Timberlake is releasing a new song today? And now an entire album has been confirmed to come out later this year? He hasn’t released music in 7 years. It’s Christmas all over again!

Well, folks, he did it. His single Suit & Tie was just released and so far I’ve played it 5 times. Go here: to listen, download on iTunes and then dance around your kitchen.

Happy happy Monday!

For about 12 years now, reclusive and enigmatic Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden has been my number one, favourite musician of all time. His musical work spans two decades, and while he has a hardcore following, he is known for being hard to track down. Every now and then he’ll pop up with a new album or go on a tour, but mostly he keeps himself scarce. I’ve seen him live three times and met him twice. It was awesome.

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday, as I was perusing Twitter, I stumbled across his Twitter account. Wait, what? My Hayden? The one who prefers to quietly go about his career and life? Surely he can’t have a Twitter account. But then I found this written here:

Having spent nearly two decades creating uniquely affecting music defined by folk and rock flourishes, personal sentiment and a voice that channels Neil Young’s falsetto highs and the wavering, raspy lows of Leonard Cohen, Hayden now signs to Arts & Crafts for the release of his seventh full length and the opening of yet another chapter in his brilliant career.

Joining the Arts & Crafts team marks a new beginning for Hayden, who was inspired to return to writing and take his music career more seriously after being informed by a fan that his Wikipedia page listed him as as deceased.

“I was dead six months before anyone noticed,” the songwriter muses.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Hayden continues. “I’ve always taken the music extremely seriously, but I’ve definitely made a few promotional mis-steps. One example would be not doing a single show or interview for my last record. Yes, I put out a record in 2009.”

His Wikipedia page said he was DEAD? Don’t worry Hayden, I never thought you were dead. I am so happy, however, to read that he’s signed with Arts & Crafts (a fantastic Canadian label), will be putting out another album and will be taking the promotional aspect of his career more seriously. So, that explains the Twitter page. It’s true! It’s him! I’m finding it hard to truly express how happy this news makes me. His music is imprinted on my brain. It was etched in on those lonely first nights at RJC, or during those fun car rides with Kaelin from Camp Valaqua to wherever we were going.

He accompanied me on long bus trips to Winnipeg, he filled the many small and dilapidated rooms I lived in once I moved to Winnipeg. Basically he’s the soundtrack to my life. While I’m mostly very happy about this turn in the way he’s approaching his music career, I am also the teensiest bit sad – there was something really special about the fact that not many people knew about him (don’t get me wrong, he has a big following, but this change will only make him bigger). As silly as this sounds, he’s always felt like my little secret. Tucked away in my back pocket for when I need to listen. He’ll still be that for me – and now maybe he can be that for other people. Ok I’m ending this rambling…

Here are some songs to either introduce you to Hayden, or get re-acquainted with him.

{One time Theo asked me, ‘If you could pick one song to have on repeat for the rest of your life, which would it be?’ Answer: Dynamite Walls. Easy.

Home By Saturday

Where and When

I could just keep posting songs forever, so I’ll stop at three. Music to take you into the weekend…

Happy Friday!

One of my favourite shows, Community, was supposed to premiere tonight. But, NBC has decided to push it back to an unknown date.

Luckily, the cast and crew of that show are so excellent that they made a video for the fans. If you love Community, you’ll want to check this one out:

October 19th is a feeling within us all!

Show of hands, who’s excited for the fall season premieres of the best shows on T.V.?

Me! Me! Me!

Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Community and our new favourite, Fringe. I love it when my favourite shows come back. That really means that fall is here.

To get you in the spirit, please watch this awesome video about Community. Never seen Community before? Well, maybe this will make you into a fan.

Also, that song has been circling through my brain for days. In a good way.

Happy long weekend!

Last night, as we roamed the streets of our neighbourhood at dusk, I mentioned how strange it is that in our small world a new year really feels like it begins at the beginning of the school year, not in January. Whenever I use the terms ‘This year’ or ‘Next year’ I’m usually referring to the September – August year instead of the January – December year. I guess that’s what happens when you’re married to a teacher.

Theo just left for his first day of work. The summer went fast and was full of lots of goodness. Last night we also talked about how we could easily live the whole year like we live the summer – loose schedules, lots of time together, travelling around and sleeping in. Really, I guess most people could easily live that life. Now that it’s over, however, it’s feeling pretty good to slip back into a regular routine.

Before we bid the summer farewell for good, here are some highlights:
{Fernie} {Driving to the lake} {Campfires at the lake} {Flying to New York} {The view out of our room in New York} {Molly and Theo are friends} {Winnipeg} {Poplars at the lake} {At the Drive In}  {Banff on our Anniversary}

Oh yes, it was a good summer indeed.

Happy Monday!