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This summer was a pretty big deal. A lot of awesome stuff happened to some pretty fabulous people.

To start with, my sister got married. The wedding was in Canmore and it happened only a week after the flooding in Alberta. The highway to Canmore only reopened on the Wednesday before the wedding. Wednesday! Her wedding was on a Saturday! Needless to say, it was stressful. But it all worked out beautifully and I’m so so happy for Sheila and Jesse.

(The following photos are courtesy of their amazing photographer Talia. Seriously, if you need a wedding photographer, Talia’s your girl.)


1239310_10100238662720995_2141927022_o (1)(Favourite)


After the wedding we had two more big events to look forward to – the arrival of a nephew and a niece. Henry was born on July 12 and Daisy was born on August 19; being an Auntie and an Uncle is the best.


(Henry is the tiny zebra and Daisy is the tiny kitten. The sweaters were made by my sister-in-law Flora.)

Amid all of this excitement we managed to make two trips to the lake, a few trips up to Edmonton and one trip out to Fernie. It was so lovely to drive the prairies visiting family and friends.

Now it’s September, Theo’s back at work and we are getting settled into routine. I’ll miss the summer, but there is something so satisfying about the coming fall. I’m looking forward to fresh pens and paper (even though I’m not in school anymore I still love a bit of back to school shopping), rainy days and cozy sweaters.


1. Here is our new place:

new place2


Ours is the 2-car garage one. We share one wall with our neighbours. We have a balcony and a little patio/yard area in the back. It still sometimes feels like a hotel because the master bedroom is sooo nice and it has an ensuite bathroom. I’ve never lived like this before. Also, it has a dishwasher, which I’m pretty sure it a life/marriage saver. We are happy.

2. A little while ago I drove up to Edmonton for a quick visit and to attend Sheila’s bachelorette party. Here we are before the craziness ensued:



Her wedding is 12 days away and I am so excited!

3. Somehow I failed to ever get into Robyn’s album that she released in 2010. Remember Robyn? 90s singer famous for Show Me Love? Well, she put out this album and it’s totally different from Show Me Love and it’s now my new jam. Especially this song:

(Full disclosure: I’m currently watching Girls Season 1 and this song was featured at the end of episode 3 and I immediately had to look it up and now it’s been my jam ever since.)

For some reason I’m into Euro dance music right now? I’ll go with it.

Happy Monday!


I’m back from a week spent in St. Catharines, Ontario with 2 of my dearest friends and their cute babies. It was a wonderful week. So much visiting, playing with babies, and visiting some sights including Niagara Falls, Port Dalhousie on Lake Ontario and the Funk Family Farm.

Thanks to Derek, Sarah and Lena for being the best hosts! Here are some pictures…

Ontario1 {Port Dalhousie}

Ontario4 {Niagara Falls}

Ontario 6 {Funk Family Farm}

SAM_2136 small {All the ladies at Niagara Falls!}

It was so so wonderful to catch up and pick right up where we left off. It’s not always like that with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, but it’s always like that with these ladies. xo.


On an unrelated note – JT’s new album is out tomorrow. This is my favourite song on it right now. I told Theo I want to learn the dance moves – they’re just so smooth!

It was my birthday yesterday. 28! The day was wonderful and I felt so loved from the moment I got up to the moment I fell asleep. Many thanks to my wonderful friends and family who sent notes, rang my phone, posted on Facebook or came over to celebrate with a cupcake.

bday bday2 bday3 {Custard shake at Clive Burger. Mmm.}

Here’s to another year!

pic1 {Fernie on Theo’s Birthday}

pic2 {An addition to the collection}

pic3  {More serious than I intended}

Lately I have been…

*Going for coffee in the evenings

*Getting back into the gym routine

*Counting down the days until March

*Practicing my dance moves for the Tegan and Sara show tomorrow evening

*Dreaming about an upcoming trip to Ontario where I will visit Niagara Falls, catch up with old friends and plant some kisses on some cute babies.

*Wishing for spring

Happy Wednesday to you.



This week has been strange. T was home sick on Monday and Tuesday, which got me off my game a bit. Now I’m struggling to catch up on a bunch of work and all day yesterday I thought it was Monday but then bam! today is Thursday oh, and wait, it’s Valentine’s Day? Forgot about that. Tomorrow we’re going to Fernie to spend Theo’s birthday long weekend with some family on the slopes. It’ll be a great  time, but I have done nothing to get ready for it.


Happy Valentine’s Day/Thursday to you!

You guys, I don’t mean to brag but it’s been +7 every day this week. Sunny and glorious. On Wednesday I took a trip out to Canmore with my Mom and sister on a wedding planning mission (Sheila is getting married there in June). We scoped out the ceremony and reception site, ate a delicious lunch at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., went to the florist to pick out flowers, snooped around the hotel, booked rooms for rehearsal dinner and gift opening, went to a bakery to look at cakes and, of course, marvelled at this sight:


Does it get any better? Not sure it does. I can’t wait for June 29th!!

Yesterday I got to help out in Theo’s classroom. We built steamrollers out of egg cartons, donuts and thin bread sticks. Wheels and axles! Also, if you ever need a boost of self-confidence just go to a grade 4 classroom. I had all of the little girls flocking to me saying, “You are so pretty!” “I like your sweater!” “Your hair is so nice!” – wow. It was great fun, but afterward I had about an hour to kill before Theo could leave for the day so I hopped on over to a coffee shop and killed time in the best way possible:


Gatsby! Coffee! A match made in heaven. I love The Great Gatsby. I said to Theo last night that if I had a time machine I would for sure go to New York in the 1920s for a day. It’d be a rip roaring time (of course, I’d need to transport myself directly into one of Jay Gatsby’s parties, that’d be the best).

They’ve made this book into a new movie, but I’ll have to wait until Christmas to see it. Until then, feast your eyes on the trailer:

Oh and happy Friday!!