This summer was a pretty big deal. A lot of awesome stuff happened to some pretty fabulous people.

To start with, my sister got married. The wedding was in Canmore and it happened only a week after the flooding in Alberta. The highway to Canmore only reopened on the Wednesday before the wedding. Wednesday! Her wedding was on a Saturday! Needless to say, it was stressful. But it all worked out beautifully and I’m so so happy for Sheila and Jesse.

(The following photos are courtesy of their amazing photographer Talia. Seriously, if you need a wedding photographer, Talia’s your girl.)


1239310_10100238662720995_2141927022_o (1)(Favourite)


After the wedding we had two more big events to look forward to – the arrival of a nephew and a niece. Henry was born on July 12 and Daisy was born on August 19; being an Auntie and an Uncle is the best.


(Henry is the tiny zebra and Daisy is the tiny kitten. The sweaters were made by my sister-in-law Flora.)

Amid all of this excitement we managed to make two trips to the lake, a few trips up to Edmonton and one trip out to Fernie. It was so lovely to drive the prairies visiting family and friends.

Now it’s September, Theo’s back at work and we are getting settled into routine. I’ll miss the summer, but there is something so satisfying about the coming fall. I’m looking forward to fresh pens and paper (even though I’m not in school anymore I still love a bit of back to school shopping), rainy days and cozy sweaters.