1. Here is our new place:

new place2


Ours is the 2-car garage one. We share one wall with our neighbours. We have a balcony and a little patio/yard area in the back. It still sometimes feels like a hotel because the master bedroom is sooo nice and it has an ensuite bathroom. I’ve never lived like this before. Also, it has a dishwasher, which I’m pretty sure it a life/marriage saver. We are happy.

2. A little while ago I drove up to Edmonton for a quick visit and to attend Sheila’s bachelorette party. Here we are before the craziness ensued:



Her wedding is 12 days away and I am so excited!

3. Somehow I failed to ever get into Robyn’s album that she released in 2010. Remember Robyn? 90s singer famous for Show Me Love? Well, she put out this album and it’s totally different from Show Me Love and it’s now my new jam. Especially this song:

(Full disclosure: I’m currently watching Girls Season 1 and this song was featured at the end of episode 3 and I immediately had to look it up and now it’s been my jam ever since.)

For some reason I’m into Euro dance music right now? I’ll go with it.

Happy Monday!