You guys, I don’t mean to brag but it’s been +7 every day this week. Sunny and glorious. On Wednesday I took a trip out to Canmore with my Mom and sister on a wedding planning mission (Sheila is getting married there in June). We scoped out the ceremony and reception site, ate a delicious lunch at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., went to the florist to pick out flowers, snooped around the hotel, booked rooms for rehearsal dinner and gift opening, went to a bakery to look at cakes and, of course, marvelled at this sight:


Does it get any better? Not sure it does. I can’t wait for June 29th!!

Yesterday I got to help out in Theo’s classroom. We built steamrollers out of egg cartons, donuts and thin bread sticks. Wheels and axles! Also, if you ever need a boost of self-confidence just go to a grade 4 classroom. I had all of the little girls flocking to me saying, “You are so pretty!” “I like your sweater!” “Your hair is so nice!” – wow. It was great fun, but afterward I had about an hour to kill before Theo could leave for the day so I hopped on over to a coffee shop and killed time in the best way possible:


Gatsby! Coffee! A match made in heaven. I love The Great Gatsby. I said to Theo last night that if I had a time machine I would for sure go to New York in the 1920s for a day. It’d be a rip roaring time (of course, I’d need to transport myself directly into one of Jay Gatsby’s parties, that’d be the best).

They’ve made this book into a new movie, but I’ll have to wait until Christmas to see it. Until then, feast your eyes on the trailer:

Oh and happy Friday!!