I’ve been looking forward to today since September. That may seem strange, but don’t worry, I’ll explain.

This past August, while we were visiting Theo’s parents in Swift Current, we got into the show Fringe. His sister was a fan and she had just got their parents to start watching the series. They had only seen the pilot when we arrived for a visit and they basically said, “We’re going to be watching this show, so if you want to join us you better catch up!” We did. The rest, they say, is history.

Fringe is a truly wonderful show. I love the concept, I love the characters and I love how emotional and smart it is. I think that I also love it because it reminds me of summer. Once we had caught up and watched the pilot we basically burned through the whole first season in one week. We’d have Fringe marathons in the evenings at the cabin, while the last heat of the day washed away on the lake. We jumped right in.

When we started the series in the summer, I knew that this year was the show’s last season. Theo and I decided to catch up on all 4 seasons so that we could watch the 5th one in real time. We finished the season 4 finale two days before season 5 began in September. It’s been so fun to watch each new episode as it airs, although waiting a whole week (and sometimes three weeks) in between episodes has been an adjustment.

Tonight the series finale will air, and I’m feeling both sad and super excited about it. I love getting into a show (you remember The X-Files love affair, right?). I loved watching back-to-back episodes and watching the seasons in such quick succession was so so fun. However, I feel sad because I’m now going to say goodbye to these characters that I’ve only really known since August. While many fans have had five years with them, I’ve only had five months.

While its premise is set in sci-fi, the show is primarily about the love of an unconventional family that is brought together in a haphazard way. It is also about testing the limits of science, testing the boundaries of unconditional love and testing the laws of fate.

If you’re at all interested in this show, I highly recommend it (obviously). It’s now on Netflix, so you can give it a whirl and see if you like it. The first season is a bit bumpy – they were trying to figure out what the show was for most of it. The season 1 finale, however, is awesome and then it just gets better and better from there.

So tonight Theo and I will drink strawberry milkshakes and eat licorice (both favourite foods of Walter, the mad scientist) and enjoy the final two episodes of this great story. Fringe is getting its proper ending, and I just know it’ll go out with a bang.

Happy Fringe Friday!