We had a crazy weekend. C-R-A-Z-Y. It started on Friday with me and the flu. Yep, some variation of the flu hit me like a ton of bricks and I was down for the count on Friday. I basically stayed in bed all day and managed to eat 5 crackers total and drink a bazillion cups of ginger tea. I think I’m 100% today. I had better be 100% today because there is no time to be sick. No time at all.

On Saturday we discovered that both the headlights and brights on our car decided to quit working. Oh, great. It’s not like we live in Canada in December where it’s light out for about six hours a day. The lights conking out is one of many many problems afflicting our poor car. We enlisted the help of handy brother Stephan and handy friend Steve, and between the two of them we sorted the problem out and Steve and Theo went in there, took out the part that makes the lights work (Ha! I know so much about cars), cleaned it out, put it back in, and Voila! Lights. But, this is only a temporary fix, and the whole ordeal really made us evaluate our car for what it is (read: piece of crap) and so we are buying a new one this week.

Here’s the thing though – the one we’re most likely getting is a standard. I do not know how to drive standard. I have tried to learn 4 times, in 4 different periods of my life, on 4 different cars, and I left each time feeling supremely frustrated. Maybe this time, because I have to learn, I will? Hopefully? It’s really great that I get to crash-course learn to drive standard on winter roads as well.

Isn’t it strange how these sorts of big things happen during the busiest times? Today I am taking advantage of still having our old automatic lemon and I’m going to race around the city doing as many errands as possible before we have our new car. Luckily, I’ll be able to practice lots over Christmas holidays and my goal is to be able to drive us home from Edmonton on January 4th. Wish me luck.

Aside from all that, I did Christmas baking this weekend, we’re almost done our shopping, I’ve got meals to plan and prep for Christmas break and about a million other things on my list. Phew. It’s that time of year…right? We had a few people over on Saturday for Christmas treats around our tree and it was supremely lovely. It’s those moments that I love – so here’s to slowing down and enjoying the season. No sense feeling crazy about it (I will try to follow my own advice on this).

Happy Monday.