For about 12 years now, reclusive and enigmatic Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden has been my number one, favourite musician of all time. His musical work spans two decades, and while he has a hardcore following, he is known for being hard to track down. Every now and then he’ll pop up with a new album or go on a tour, but mostly he keeps himself scarce. I’ve seen him live three times and met him twice. It was awesome.

So, imagine my surprise when yesterday, as I was perusing Twitter, I stumbled across his Twitter account. Wait, what? My Hayden? The one who prefers to quietly go about his career and life? Surely he can’t have a Twitter account. But then I found this written here:

Having spent nearly two decades creating uniquely affecting music defined by folk and rock flourishes, personal sentiment and a voice that channels Neil Young’s falsetto highs and the wavering, raspy lows of Leonard Cohen, Hayden now signs to Arts & Crafts for the release of his seventh full length and the opening of yet another chapter in his brilliant career.

Joining the Arts & Crafts team marks a new beginning for Hayden, who was inspired to return to writing and take his music career more seriously after being informed by a fan that his Wikipedia page listed him as as deceased.

“I was dead six months before anyone noticed,” the songwriter muses.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Hayden continues. “I’ve always taken the music extremely seriously, but I’ve definitely made a few promotional mis-steps. One example would be not doing a single show or interview for my last record. Yes, I put out a record in 2009.”

His Wikipedia page said he was DEAD? Don’t worry Hayden, I never thought you were dead. I am so happy, however, to read that he’s signed with Arts & Crafts (a fantastic Canadian label), will be putting out another album and will be taking the promotional aspect of his career more seriously. So, that explains the Twitter page. It’s true! It’s him! I’m finding it hard to truly express how happy this news makes me. His music is imprinted on my brain. It was etched in on those lonely first nights at RJC, or during those fun car rides with Kaelin from Camp Valaqua to wherever we were going.

He accompanied me on long bus trips to Winnipeg, he filled the many small and dilapidated rooms I lived in once I moved to Winnipeg. Basically he’s the soundtrack to my life. While I’m mostly very happy about this turn in the way he’s approaching his music career, I am also the teensiest bit sad – there was something really special about the fact that not many people knew about him (don’t get me wrong, he has a big following, but this change will only make him bigger). As silly as this sounds, he’s always felt like my little secret. Tucked away in my back pocket for when I need to listen. He’ll still be that for me – and now maybe he can be that for other people. Ok I’m ending this rambling…

Here are some songs to either introduce you to Hayden, or get re-acquainted with him.

{One time Theo asked me, ‘If you could pick one song to have on repeat for the rest of your life, which would it be?’ Answer: Dynamite Walls. Easy.

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