I really dislike it when bloggers make a million excuses for why they haven’t been blogging. I only have one: I’ve been really busy. That’s it. But this morning I managed to get up earlier than usual and so here I am, cereal in hand watching the snow fall all around my house.

Now that we’re into November I can appreciate the snow for what it is – totally beautiful (working from home and not having to battle a commute also help in this appreciation).

So what’s been going on around here…

Two weeks ago (where did those weeks go?) I flew to Winnipeg, met up with my family and then drove to Grand Forks, North Dakota to watch my brother play hockey. He plays for the University of Alaska Anchorage and they were in Grand Forks to play two games agains the University of North Dakota. Holy smokes did we ever have fun.

This was the rink he played in. The whole time I kept thinking “I am in an 11,000 seat arena that is way nicer than any hockey arena I’ve ever been in. We had to pay 10 bucks for parking and couldn’t even find a close spot. There is a line of people wrapping around the building waiting to get in – and all to go see my little brother play  hockey.” It was totally wild.

Here’s Scott in the warm up. At this point I’ve watched him play enough hockey that I don’t even need to look for his number, I can pick him out just by how he skates.

Sheila and I were called ‘The Twins’ all weekend. I have no idea why.

Apart from hockey, I also got to visit a Super Target (where dreams are made) and a Ruby Tuesday. So I’d say it was a great American trip.

Since then I’ve been plowing through a bunch of work (hooray!), hosted a post-Halloween Halloween party and have been in constant contact with Sheila about wedding plans. Life’s pretty good over here.

Happy Thursday, and happy long weekend if you get one!

*All pictures stolen from Sheila’s Instagram. Thanks, sis*