Mondays get a bad rap. I’m having a great Monday, and I’ve got a few reasons for feeling so good.

Reason number 1: My sister got engaged over the weekend. There are few moments in your life when you let out a genuine, delighted and ecstatic screech into the telephone. I had that moment on Saturday night. I yelled so loudly that I scared Theo, but once he understood why I was reacting in that way he was absolutely on board. So, many congratulations to Sheila and her fiancée (eeee!) Jesse. I’m so so happy and excited about this development.

Reason number 2: I have another article published in the Spectator Tribune. This one’s about Bowness, and it’s getting a lot of attention. It’s so fun to write for this publication. Check it out here.

Reason number 3: It’s chilly and snowy here in Calgary, which would usually make me feel grumpy, but today I decided to take my work on the road and embrace the cozy temperature. So, I’m camped out in my favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, sipping on a large coffee, writing and editing away. It always feels good to get out of the house and do work this way.

Reason number 4, related to number 3: I’ve got my headphones on and am listening to some comfort music. This song is really making my fingers tip tap away (while also arousing deeply buried memories of Winnipeg in autumn). Lovely.

Happy Monday to you!