This weekend it’s Thanksgiving in Canada. Last week I told someone from the states that our Thanksgiving was coming up, and she was genuinely surprised to hear that. She had no idea that our Thanksgiving is different from theirs. It didn’t make me upset that she didn’t know, it made me feel a little bit special – we kind of sneak Thanksgiving in up here. We have no giant parade, or scary shopping day immediately after {I’m looking at you Black Friday}. In my family, at least, Thanksgiving is a quiet and important holiday. A time to gather with family, eat a good meal and relax.

We’re going up to Edmonton this afternoon to spend it with my family. We’re also celebrating my Grandma’s 75th birthday (which is actually at the end of October). I’m looking forward to visiting with family, eating good food and sleeping in my old room.

If you’re celebrating as well this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

 {I’m thankful for the sun that shines each day, whether we see it or not.}