Remember when I set myself a goal to read 36 books in 2012? Well, I’ve sort of hit a speed bump (a speed bump that lasted for about two months) – I haven’t read a whole book in two months! Oops. I blame it on the book New York by Edward Rutherford. I started reading it after we got back from New York, and while it is good, it’s SO long and moves rather slowly. Whenever I find myself stuck in a book like that it’s hard for me to be OK with putting it aside and starting a new one. So I just don’t do anything – I don’t read it and I don’t start a new one.

Last night we went to Value Village to scour their book section for some new-to-us titles. Here’s a little hint if you didn’t already know: Value Village always has an incredible selection of books. Like it’s ridiculous. Whenever we go there for books we always leave with an armful. Last night was no different.

 {a sampling of what we purchased}

I’m hoping these new-to-me books will kick-start my reading and get me over that speed bump.

What are you reading?


p.s. A very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Erin. Love you, lady. xo.