I’ve made a discovery! It’s probably old news to some of you but, yeesh, I just can’t not share this.

There is a website called Songza (http://songza.com/) that features various playlists made my music experts. When you go to the website, it will know what time of day it is and offer you suggestions for what kind of playlist you want (Still waking up, At work, Energy boost etc.). I was fiddling around on it and landed on the ‘At a 90s Dance Playlist’ and yikes – it brought me so much joy. It was as if I’d stumbled backward into my junior high school gym, with the boys hanging out along the walls and the girls dancing with each other to such hits as ‘MmmBop’ ‘Backstreet’s Back’ etc.

You don’t have to stay in the 90s – there are playlists for everything from every era. I often find myself staring at my iPod, at the hundreds of albums I have, and feel like I just want to listen to something that I don’t have to choose. These playlists are perfect for that.

Check it out! But beware, the ‘At a 90s School Dance’ playlist will make you feel all sorts of things.