Popping in to say that yes, I’m still here. Being a freelance editor means that sometimes I have no work and other times I have loads of work. These past few weeks have fallen into the latter category, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m putting in full-time hours editing right now, which has always been my goal. I’m really thankful for the work, but it’s taking me away from other things – like this blog. Here are a few things that have been going on aside from the crazy amount of work:

  • We got into the TV show Fringe this summer and last night we finally got caught up on all the episodes. Season 5 premieres this Friday night, and I am pumped!
  • Tomorrow I’m going up to Edmonton for a quick visit to do some fun Birthday things with my sister. Cupcakes will most likely be consumed.
  • We went out and bought some new Autumn smelling candles – pumpkin, spice and one called Maplewood Bonfire.
  • We’ve been extending summer BBQs into Fall, which really is the best.
  • Theo & I both have new writing gigs for an online newspaper called The Spectator Tribune that will be launching in October. I’ll post the link once it’s live and you can check out the writing we’ve done for it. I’m really excited about it!

{Sunset}   {Summer/Fall BBQ}

Hope your week is going well!