As I mentioned on Friday, I was very excited for this weekend to arrive because we had plans to see one of our favourite comedians, Nikki Glaser, live. For a little backstory on why she’s one of my favourites, here’s how I originally got to know her:

Back when I lived in Winnipeg, I stumbled upon a comedy blog called Best Week Ever. Unfortunately, the blog doesn’t exist anymore, but I read it a lot when it did and it always made me laugh. One writer in particular stood out among the rest, and her name was Sara Schaefer. There was just something about her writing – it was funny, yes, but it was also smart, quick and witty. Eventually I found myself reading her blog posts first, before any others, and was always happy when a new one popped up.

So that would have been in 2008. Fast forward to 2011. Sara was no longer at Best Week Ever and one day on Twitter I came across her account. I quickly learned that she had started a podcast with a fellow comedian named Nikki Glaser. The two of them met at a party and bonded over their love for Justin Timberlake. Well, remembering how much I loved Sara’s writing and knowing my own love for Justin Timberlake, I thought this podcast would for sure be a win. It only took one episode for me to get hooked and I’ve been listening to these ladies ever since. The reason why I love their podcast (titled You Had To Be There) is because they are honest, genuine, funny and straight to the point. They talk about things that need to be talked about but generally aren’t. They aren’t afraid to really get into it and I’ve got to say that I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge about myself thanks to their podcast. I even got Theo hooked, and he appreciates listening to two women talk so honestly about a lot of womanly things.

 {The ever lovely Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer. Photo taken from this New York Times article. Definitely worth a read}.

Because of this podcast, I feel like I know these girls – like we’re already friends. The personal stuff they talk about and the honesty with which they do it makes it easy to feel this way. I also received mail from Sara when I pitched in to her Kickstarter project, and I’ve had Twitter interactions with both of them. I appreciate that even though their stars are rising, they still understand the importance of building meaningful relationships with their listeners and fans.

So when we heard Nikki was coming to Calgary, we knew we had to go see her (we’d missed the opportunity to see her at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, which was sad). On Saturday night Theo and I headed down to 17th ave for dinner at a new restaurant (Cibo, it’s delicious) before the show. It was a great start to an excellent night. We made it to the venue and delighted in the two extremely funny comics who opened the show. Then Nikki came on and she killed it. So so funny. I really can’t say enough good things about her set – we laughed the whole time.

After the show she was hanging out at the back and I went over and introduced myself. Except, it didn’t feel like an introduction because we had just been tweeting each other before the show – it just felt like we were finally properly meeting. She gave me a big hug and we got down to chatting – no awkwardness, just genuine happiness to see each other.

I told her about how, because of the podcast, I really felt like I knew her – and she said that she always feels that way when she meets listeners. It’s like she’s already friends with them. We chatted some more, Theo came over to say hello and we got a lovely picture together.

It was one of those moments where everything felt perfectly aligned. Nikki was incredibly sweet and gracious to us. It felt good to be able to tell her how much the podcast and her comedy mean to me – how they’ve gotten me through a lot of long days. When working from home makes me feel crazy, I put their podcast on and it feels like I’ve got some girlfriends in the house with me. It’s something that I appreciate so much.

 If Nikki or Sara are ever in your city, you should definitely go see them perform. Nikki’s going to be on Conan O’Brien tomorrow (Tuesday) night – be sure to check her out there. Oh, and her and Sara have a show coming out on MTV in January – The Nikki and Sara Show. That’s going to be one that I’ll definitely be tuning in to.

So, I had a great weekend. How was yours?