Last night, as we roamed the streets of our neighbourhood at dusk, I mentioned how strange it is that in our small world a new year really feels like it begins at the beginning of the school year, not in January. Whenever I use the terms ‘This year’ or ‘Next year’ I’m usually referring to the September – August year instead of the January – December year. I guess that’s what happens when you’re married to a teacher.

Theo just left for his first day of work. The summer went fast and was full of lots of goodness. Last night we also talked about how we could easily live the whole year like we live the summer – loose schedules, lots of time together, travelling around and sleeping in. Really, I guess most people could easily live that life. Now that it’s over, however, it’s feeling pretty good to slip back into a regular routine.

Before we bid the summer farewell for good, here are some highlights:
{Fernie} {Driving to the lake} {Campfires at the lake} {Flying to New York} {The view out of our room in New York} {Molly and Theo are friends} {Winnipeg} {Poplars at the lake} {At the Drive In}  {Banff on our Anniversary}

Oh yes, it was a good summer indeed.

Happy Monday!