I meant to follow up that last post with pictures from New York. Really, I did. But then, summer got in the way. We took off for a 2 week jaunt around the prairies visiting friends and family and somehow my blogging stopped. Oh, and then there’s the wicked head cold I picked up somewhere along our travels, which has now been with me for over a week and I have only had just enough energy to keep blowing my nose, make tea and lie back down. Hopefully (oh, please) I am on the mend. Summer colds are officially the worst.

But now, without further ado, I present to you a greatest hits collection of pictures from our trip to New York. (If I’ve already shown you these in real life, or if you’ve already seen the giant photo album I put up on Facebook after we got back, feel free to skip the rest). For those who haven’t seen these, I hope you enjoy!

 {In front of the Flatiron Building.}

 {50/50s (lemonade and iced tea mixed) in Bryant Park.}

 {Art Deco at 30 Rock}

 {Sitting in front of 30 Rock. No Liz Lemon sightings.}

 {Lady Liberty}

 {Riding the New York subway. We survived.}

 {I found the Friends building! Standing there it felt like I was inside my T.V.}

 {One of the highlights of our trip: The Comedy Cellar. Aziz Ansari showed up unannounced to do a surprise set. Best.}

 {This is how close we were.}

{Museum of Natural History!}

{Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.}

{Manhattan. Stand Up, Beautiful.}

{Central Park. Bethesda Fountain.}

 {Beautiful Central Park.}

 {Guggenheim Museum}

 {Stairs to the very hot and often gross subway}

 {Cappuccino in Greenwich Village.}

 {Best pizza place. In the Village, right around the corner from the Comedy Cellar. I want to live on this block.}

 {Empire State at dusk.}

Buildings block out the sky.

This is only a small portion of our pictures. Needless to say, we’ll be going back to NYC.