We arrived home last night from an extended weekend in Fernie with a bunch of friends. When everyone was there we numbered 8 and filled Theo’s family’s small condo to the brim. We consumed delicious food for every meal, explored the surrounding mountains, spent time in town, played games, soaked in the hot tub, celebrated Canada Day with a concert, fireworks, free cake and coffee, and even found a glacial mountain lake to swim in. (Some of us even jumped off some cliffs into the lake. Not me.)

I’d say it was a successful holiday.

 {View from the condo}

 {Canada Day cake!}

 {Canada Day Tims}

 {Canada Day concert}

 {Canada Day firework}

 {Brewed in BC!}

 {The main street after all of the tourists went home.}

Hope your long weekend was lovely.