{Photo from 2 summers ago on the Oregon coast}

At 3:30 this afternoon it will officially be summertime over here. Theo and I  made a pact this morning that if the sun refuses to shine here in Calgary for longer than a couple of hours a day (as has been the case over the last few weeks), then we will just have to go and find the summertime sun we are craving. I want hot hot summer days with full sun, when the only way to cool down is to either jump in the lake, eat an ice cream cone or take a cold shower.

This weekend, while Calgary risks more thunder storms, we’re heading to Fernie to find the sunshine. So far, the forecast looks good. We’ll be there to celebrate Canada Day and spend some quality time with good friends.

After that – our summer calendar continues to fill up, but it’s all fun and relaxing things. Like going to the lake, where the weather is supposed to be fantastic, and then to New York where I will eat ice cream under the Brooklyn Bridge amid the heat of the city. Other plans include a couple of concerts, a trip to Winnipeg, a trip either to Edmonton to see my family or a trip with my family to the mountains (guys, let’s make a plan!).

Oh summer, I’m ready for you.

Have a fabulous weekend, and Happy Canada Day! Oh, how I love Canada.