This week, whenever I remembered, I looked at my hands and noticed how they worked. They know instinctively to reach for the itch on my head, or on my arm. They know where to go for a spoon in the morning so that I can eat my cereal. The best, though, is watching them tip tap type at the computer. How do my fingers know exactly where to go for which key? They work together to string these words along on the page, communicating with my brain so quickly that my eyes can barely keep up. It is truly amazing what our hands are capable of, and how they do many of those things instinctively, on autopilot.

“We are being taken care of all the time. Our hand pulls back from the fire before we even register heat, our eyes blink before we are aware of a sharp sound, our hand reaches out to catch something before we know it is falling. The right and left hands work together, each one doing its half of a task. When we see clearly into the unity of all existence, we see that all things are working together, like the hands and eyes. As our hands would not hurt our eyes, our natural nature is not to hurt ourselves or each other.” -How to Train a Wild Elephant, Jan Chozen Bays

I love knowing that my body is taking care of itself without me even knowing it.

I’m excited about the next exercise, because I’ve already been trying to implement it:

When Eating Just Eat

“This week, when you’re eating or drinking, don’t do anything else. Sit down and take the time to enjoy what you are taking in. Open all the senses as you eat or drink.”

I’m bad for eating breakfast while checking e-mails in the morning. Theo and I are usually pretty good at sitting down together for dinner, but lately we’ve been enjoying catching up on our shows (Community, Parks and Rec & 30 Rock!) while eating. I know this isn’t a terrible thing, but I have noticed that I eat much much faster when I’m not paying attention and then the meal I spent so long making is gone and I didn’t really enjoy it.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday!