Yep, this is pretty much my life right now. Someone posted this on Facebook, and it rang so true to me that it literally stopped me for a moment to reflect on its truth.

When we got married I had a lot of people (teachers, spouses of teachers) come up to me and say “Congratulations! Being married to a teacher is hard work – good luck!” or some form of that. I laughed it off then, but now that I’m three years into it, I get what they were talking about. It is hard work, especially at the end of the year amid report card stress, planning end of the year parties and field trips, not to mention that the kids’ brains are pretty much already on summer holidays.

I know that Theo is very (very) lucky to get the summer off, but to those who think that it’s an undeserved break for teachers, think again! If I did the math, I’m sure I could prove that the time teachers spend working would fill 12 full-time hour months – it’s just all smashed into 10 months of the year.

One more week. We just have to survive one more week and then Theo will transform back to the human I married.