My discovery from the past week: it’s hard to notice yourself using filler words. I know that I say ‘uh’ ‘sort of’ and ‘so..’ in every day speech, but it was hard to be aware of the times that I used these words. When I did notice them, I discovered that I use these words when I am feeling indecisive, or when I have an opinion that I’m not readily sharing.

I also found a link between my life as an editor and the use of filler words in my speech and writing. As an editor, I am always looking for filler words and when I find them, I usually delete them. I think that this has seeped into my brain, because even though I do occasionally use filler words, I use them sparingly.

“Filler words have become common only in the last fifty years. Is this because in today’s multicultural, postmodern world, where truth is often regarded as relative, we have purposely moved to speaking in less definitive ways? When our mind is clear, we can speak in a straightforward way, with precision, and without insulting others. This mindfulness tool shows how entrenched unconscious behaviours are, and how difficult they are to change.” -How to Train A Wild Elephant, Jan Chozen Bays

This week’s exercise: Appreciate Your Hands

“Several times a day, when your hands are busy, watch them as though they belonged to a stranger. Also look at them when they are still.”

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was great – a quick trip to Edmonton for my sister’s convocation, a flight back home in my Dad’s small airplane and a relaxing Sunday with Theo. I’ll share more about those things in the coming days.

Happy Monday!