A couple things that are making me smile:

 One of the many reasons why I love the Internet, specifically Twitter, is that you can connect with people all over the world in a very real way. Yesterday I received this bit of mail from one of my favourite comedians, Sara Schaefer. Years ago I discovered her writing on a comedy blog that I used to faithfully read. She was my favourite blogger on there because she always made me literally laugh out loud. But, then, she disappeared from the blog (she got a job working for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and I was sad to not be able to read her hilarious blog posts.

Fast forward to this year, when I discovered (on Twitter!) that she now hosts a comedy podcast with another ridiculously funny comedian. I listened to one episode and was hooked. One day, out of the blue, I sent her a little Tweet to say how much I enjoy her podcast and guess what? She responded! It was pretty cool.

About a month ago I contributed ten bucks to a Kickstarter campaign she had started (she needed to raise some money to go on a comedy tour) and as a thanks, she sent me this in the mail! It really tickled me to get mail from this comedian, whom I admire, all the way from Brooklyn, New York. The Internet y’all, it’s crazy.

Another reason I love the Internet? People make great videos and post them for all to see.

I’m sure some of you have seen this already. It went ‘viral’ last week. I used to watch Mr. Rogers all the time, and this may have brought a wee tear to my eye. You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind! Love.

Happy Tuesday.