Erin has a great post up on her blog today about getting rid of stuff. You know, the stuff that just accumulates despite your best efforts to keep things organized?

For us, this stuff piles up on the kitchen table and the coffee table in the living room. It just so happens that this morning I awoke with a keen desire to get rid of our junk. This led to a quick tidy of the living room at 630 am. I finally shipped off the box of chapter books meant for Theo’s classroom that has just been sitting in our living room for months. It’s sort of amazing how you can just get used to junk lying around, and when it’s gone you realize how much it had truly annoyed you.

This whole de-cluttering thing sort of blends in nicely to my mindfulness exercise this week: leave no trace. So far, this has been hard and I’ve been made to realize that I can be pretty lazy when it comes to putting stuff back where it belongs.

I’ve got our vehicle today and my plan is to rid this house of some junk.

Wish me luck?