We were feeling restless and bored on Saturday evening. Many activities were suggested: a walk? No. Go for coffee? No. Watch a movie? No. Go to the gym? Yes, but it was closed.

Then Theo exclaimed, “Let’s go buy a basketball and shoot some hoops!”

The idea was a good one. It fulfilled our restless need to be outside but also get a workout in.

We bought our basketball, took it over to the school by our place and played some one-on-one. Observations: basketball is hard work, I haven’t played it in a long time, and I missed way more baskets than I made. But, I did make some and I even beat Theo in one of our games. I find this immensely satisfying due to the unfair advantage I was playing against: Theo’s height.

It was fun and we’re planning on making this a regular summer evening activity.

Happy Tuesday!