This morning my old Winnipeg pal Del Barber was on the CBC radio arts and entertainment program Q. It was so cool to hear him on a radio show that I listen to quite frequently, and he did a really great job.

Del’s a singer/songwriter and we met at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg. He quickly folded into my wider friend group and I have fond memories this group convening at summer parties in backyards, or over steaming mugs of coffee in the university cafe and chatting with Del about all sorts of things.

He’s a storyteller, a great musician and his star is really starting to take off (he was nominated for, and won, a Western Canadian Music Award and he was nominated for a Juno!)

He’s got a new album out called ‘Headwaters’ and it is very good.

Here’s a video for the song The Waitress:

If you like songs that tell stories and enjoy folksy guitar strumming, I definitely recommend this album.

Plus, it’s really neat that I know him.