Is it really only Wednesday? This has been a long week already. I thought it would go by fast, since it is jam packed with activities, but the weekend sure is taking its sweet time to arrive.

On Monday evening we went to the Great Lake Swimmers concert. It was in a 100 year old church in downtown Calgary that is smushed between skyscrapers and the rumbling C-Train. We lined up outside with a variety of people that I rarely see in Calgary: the folksy, artsy type that reminded me of being back in Winnipeg. They came out of the woodwork for this concert, and it made me happy.

The concert itself was lovely. We had great seats, but as it was in a church we had to sit on hard wooden pews with very straight backs. The shoulder pain was worth it to see these guys up close:

{This is how close we were! So good}

If you haven’t listened to Great Lake Swimmers before, I suggest checking out their album Ongiara. It’s my favourite.

Happy Wednesday!