This weekend, my sister-in-law Kalyn recommended a new band to me: Of Monsters and Men. They are now my new favourite band. Every single song on their new album, My Head is an Animal, is amazing. I’m trying to decide which one to include in this post, but it is honestly so hard to pick just one.

This album might be the most solid album of 2012 (so far). Every song is a winner. It’s sort of like if Mumford & Sons got together with Arcade Fire and made an album in Iceland. Yeah, that’s totally it.

{Mountain Sound}

{Dirty Paws}

{Little Talks}

This last one is their single, and you’ve maybe heard it on the radio. The video is kind of crazy, but I also kind of love it.

Perfect spring/summer music if you ask me! The whole thing is just lovely.

Hooray for new music!