I’m usually a pretty sound sleeper. I fall asleep and don’t wake up until the alarm goes off (please don’t hate me, parents with small children). But every now and then something bizarre happens during the night. My only explanation is that I must hit some super deep zone of sleeping where all bets are off and I am no longer in control.

Last night, in the middle of the night, I somehow lifted up my arms, grabbed one of the large framed pictures that hangs above our bed, pulled it down and gently placed it on the floor beside the bed. I must have done this so gracefully because I didn’t wake Theo up at all, and I hardly woke up myself. I do vaguely remember it, but not really. It was only this morning when I sat, staring perplexed at this picture lying on the floor, that it came back to me in fragments.


{That picture above the pillows}

What? Why would I do that? 

When I was young I had night terrors. I would be screaming/crying, standing in bed with my eyes open, but very much asleep. I’m sure it really freaked my parents out.

I’ve been known to talk a lot in my sleep. One week at camp when I was co-counseling with (my now sister-in-law) Kalyn, I babbled on in my sleep. I let loose secrets about who had a crush on who in the staff, and other gems. In the morning Kalyn wouldn’t let me hear the end of it and, to this day, brings it up every now and then.

So, I know that sometimes I can be very busy in my sleep, but redecorating in my sleep? That’s a new one.

Do these sorts of things happen to you?