Happy Monday! Our weekend was pretty boring – Theo was immersed in report card writing, which took up the entire weekend. Well, except for Sunday morning when we went out for breakfast. That was nice.

This morning I’ve got this song on repeat:

Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn

You might be thinking, “Goodness, Krista, that’s an old and strange song to suddenly have on repeat today.” And, you would be right. My old RJC roommate Kaylene had this song on about 10 different burned CDs (remember burned CDs? Gosh). So I already have an emotional attachment to it.

But I am not afraid to admit that this morning I’ve got this song on repeat due to an X-Files episode that we watched last night called ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus.” It’s a take on the classic Frankenstein story, shot all in black and white. A mixture of fairytale and folklore, completely removed from the core X-Files canon of story. At the end, Scully and Mulder slow-dance to this song in an ending that is specifically written as a happy ending for the hideous Frankenstein-esque character in the episode (and it is a very happy moment for Scully and Mulder who have had a rough go over the last while). Our entire townhouse complex may have heard my girlish squeals of delight at this rare moment of affection between the two heroes.

There is a clip of the ending, but I’m not going to post it here for fear of my blog becoming some sort of X-File shrine. That being said, we’re a third of the way through season 5 and I’ve told Theo that we have to finish season 5 and the first movie before he leaves for Kenya. Which is in less than 2 weeks. Oh, have I not mentioned? Theo’s going to Kenya with another teacher from his school along with the Mennonite Central Committee. Yeah, I should probably write more about that and less about my X-Files obsession, hey?

Maybe next time.