I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today at all of the love and good wishes that have been sent my way all week. I think that is why I love my birthday so much. Not in a narcissistic way, but once a year it is just so nice to have so many well intentioned and good thoughts sent your way. This is why I love all birthdays and try really hard to make sure they are special for all of the special people in my life. A birthday is so meaningful – it is the day you came into existence. The day you began your life on earth. And really, living our lives and celebrating our lives is what this whole thing is about.

Thanks again to everyone who called, sent mail, sent e-mails, tweets, facebook or blog messages. This has been a truly lovely week.

I’ll leave you with a new music suggestion. One of my favourite bands, The Wooden Sky (they’re Canadian!), released a new album not too long ago entitled “Every Child A Daughter Every Moon A Sun.” I’m still getting to know it, but this song is a stand out:

Happy Weekend!