So, I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times that Theo and I are currently watching The X-Files. What I haven’t mentioned is that it goes beyond just watching the episodes. We are totally and completely hooked on this show. Where on earth was I in the 90s/early 2000s when The X-Files was huge? (Oh, right, that’s when I has totally and completely hooked on Friends…).

What I can’t believe is that the most recent X-Files movie was released in 2008 and we didn’t go see it in theatres. Now, we also didn’t care about the X-Files then, but still. Come on! Scully and Mulder on the big screen!

We have shown up way too late to this party.

I blame our obsession on Netflix, where you can watch all 9 seasons with the click of a button. It started out innocently enough – Theo was curious about what the show was like (neither of us had ever watched an episode before) so he watched the pilot, enjoyed it, and persuaded me to watch an episode with him. The rest is history. We’re currently half-way through season 4 and oh boy, things are getting crazy. Last night we had to debrief after watching a particularly intense episode that introduced a lot of plot information. The debriefing went something like this: I was on Wikipedia and review sites from the 90s  searching plot synopses while Theo paced the kitchen putting together different parts of the story line while I interrupted every time I discovered something we had missed.

We may need an intervention soon. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am now ‘Scully’ in Theo’s cell phone and he is now ‘Mulder’ in mine. It’s things like this that reinforce my belief that Theo and I were meant to be together. I mean really, who else would put up with {and join in on!} all of this craziness over a show that was popular over a decade ago?

 {The movies. We have to wait until after the 5th season to watch the first one and then wait until the whole series is finished to watch the second one. Oh, the agony!}

This is just how I am though. When I’m into something, I’m really into it. {See my Mother for details on the aforementioned Friends obsession. Or just mention NSYNC to any family member. Gosh.}.

Now that I have totally embarrassed myself on my blog and probably frightened you, my dear reader, I will bid you farewell.

Yikes. Happy Tuesday!