My Dad is someone who needs to write down his life story, because it would make for some great reading. He could write about the time he brought Walter Gretzky over to our house, or the time he sat behind 50 Cent on an airplane. He would have to include the story about being hit on the head by the battery pack from a flying blimp at an Oilers game and how this led to a deal with the Oilers staff to go (with my brother) into the dressing room to have my brother meet Paul Kariya (his hockey idol at the time).  He could tell stories about epic fishing trips, flying adventures and all of the countries he’s been to.

His memoir would be full of humour and stories that seem too crazy to be true. It would focus on all of the many people he has met and the places those relationships have taken him. I can’t tell you how many times we have been out and about and Dad runs into someone he knows. He makes friends everywhere he goes.

Life is never dull with him around.

Happy 51st Birthday to the greatest Dad in the world!