I had a gift card for my favourite store, Anthropologie, burning a hole in my wallet (it’s been there since Christmas! What patience I have), so I decided to head on over and pick out a few lovely items. I’m finally on the bandwagon with this lovely monogrammed cup that I now have tea in every morning. I also picked up these beauties for the mantle:

Yes, the fact that they have a lot of things with letters on them (or just big fat letters made out of fabric) helps grow my love for that store.

Other highlights of the weekend:

-eating a giant pizza at Boston Pizza on Friday night-

-going to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with Steve and Rita (it’s a good movie!)-

-Birthday drinks with some friends on Saturday night-

-I finished the book I was reading!-

-Lots of tea, snacks and a few episodes of the X-Files-

-Coffee with Kalyn and Stephan-

Oh yes, it was a lovely weekend. Now I’ve got laundry on the go, dishes are done and I’m working on a social media presentation that I am giving next Monday. Ooooh it’s going to be good!

Happy Monday.