Forgive me as I indulge in a little shameless plug for Parka Books.

We now have 3 books published and for sale!

Owen Grey & the Changeling : A fantasy novel for young adults and grown ups alike.

Ruby vs. the Robots : An illustrated children’s book about a cute cat named Ruby.

POE: Tales of Mystery, Horror and Suspense : The classic stories of Poe, freshly illustrated by Abigail DeWitt.

Things over at Parka Books are going well. We’ve been receiving some new manuscripts that are headed for the review process. We’re working hard at getting our name and these three books out there to as many people as possible. Right now these books are only available digitally, but we are talking about doing limited print runs and are in the process of getting these titles into libraries.

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We’re finding that the best way to obtain new manuscripts for publication is through word of mouth. If you have written something, or know a friend or family member who has always dreamed of being published, we would so appreciate it if you would visit our website or pass it on to a friend. 

Thanks for your support and for sticking through this shameless plug!

Happy Thursday.