We went 39 hours without running water due to a water main break in our front street. From Sunday night to Tuesday morning we were brushing our teeth with rationed water from our gym bottles, running to Safeway and the nearest coffee shop for a working toilet, washing our hands with hand sanitizer and small streams of water from the jugs we filled at the emergency water tank.

You certainly do not realize how almost everything we do around the house involves water until it’s not coming out of the taps. I found myself always at the sink turning the tap on out of force of habit only to be reminded that, no, we still don’t have water. This whole thing also made me realize how much water we waste and how we could do a better job at conserving. Theo and I are more careful now to not let the tap run any longer than necessary when brushing teeth, and that maybe it isn’t necessary to flush the toilet every. single. time. (When the water was off I loaded up the toilet tank to do a flush with water from the emergency truck – toilets use SO MUCH water.)  I’ll also be more careful with dishes – the sink doesn’t need to be super full of water every time.

I know that most of this is old news to many of you and, really, it is to me too. When I lived with roommates in Winnipeg we were careful about how many times we flushed, or how much water was used for dishes etc. I guess I had forgotten how important it is to really be mindful of how much water we use.

So, although 39 hours without running water was a total pain in the butt, it was a good reminder to live more intentionally with the water we are so fortunate to have at our fingertips.