I woke up feeling a bit Grinch-y this morning. I think it was because the alarm was ringing at 6am and I was so frustrated with the fact that Theo’s school goes all the way to Friday, the day before Christmas Eve, this year. I guess I’m spoiled, but by the 21st of December I’m usually in full-on relaxing holiday mode – either in Edmonton or Swift Current. Being here, waking to 6am alarms, figuring out what to make for dinner, still doing dishes and household chores on the 21st of December feels strange.

Add to that our weird weather here in Alberta and it all feels less-than-Christmassy in a hurry (it was +8 yesterday – whaaat?).

But this morning, as I was along for the ride with Theo to work (I need the car today), we were listening to the local CBC morning show and they are fundraising today for the Calgary Food Bank. As soon as I heard the different donations both huge (the Royal Bank donated 30 thousand dollars!) and small (20 bucks or a bag full of food), I started to get that Christmassy feeling again.

I love how generous people are this time of year. I love that it’s highlighted in this way, on the radio, and I love how it inspires others to give generously. We don’t have a ton of expendable income in December, but I’ve decided I’m going to head over to Safeway and pick up some of the items the Food Bank is most desperate for (beans, tomato sauce, canned meats) and head over to the CBC building to donate it.

I think that should take the Grinch-y feeling away.

Happy Winter Solstice! The shortest day of the year.