Friends, I have something really great to share with you. There is this blog that I read every day ( and today the writer (C. Jane) announced that The Lower Lights (a fabulous blue-grassy type band) released their Christmas album today.

I just bought it, downloaded it (also ordered the physical thing, because that’s how we roll) and I can confirm that it is really really good. It has all of the classic Christmas hymns and they are arranged so beautifully.

Every year I like to buy a couple of new, really good, Christmas albums. I totally recommend that you add this one to your library.

Here’s where you can go to buy it:

You can either download it, or buy a physical copy. If you buy a physical copy you also get to download it right away – bonus!

Anyway, I was really excited about this and wanted to pass on the info. When we were driving home from work today we saw 5 fully decorated Christmas trees in living room windows and countless houses already decked out in Christmas lights. It seemed OK to post about a Christmas album after seeing all of that.

Have a wonderful weekend!