Our Jack o’ Lanterns. Theo carved the middle one and I carved the other two.

Batman made an appearance at the party.

Our annual Halloween party was another success. This year we had a big shiny robot, a viking, Dale the creep, the Duchess of Cambridge, Janis Joplin, a hipster, a cupcake, the Venture Brothers, Batman, an old gamblin’ granny from Vegas, a sly fox, a doctor and a sheriff come to the party. We ate popcorn balls, pumpkin cookies, chocolate mice, severed finger cookies and cupcakes. We played some games and talked about the scariest movies we’d ever seen. Me? I’d have to say The Shining. I’ve seen the movie and read the book and they are both super scary.

I always think I’m going to take lots of pictures at our Halloween party and then I never really do. Sorry about that. So, here is a blast-from-the-past Halloween picture of me as a very scary witch:

Happy Halloween!!