October is here, and I am pleased.

 {first fire of the season in our fire place}

 {crosswords by the fire}

 {candles on the mantle}

Life has been busy. I work full days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the other days are full catching up on everything else. For example, right now I’m sitting at a mechanic’s shop waiting for our car to be fixed (the stabilizer bar is worn and loose and making terrible clanking sounds that scare our passengers). After this, I need to get groceries, head to the chiropractor, tackle the dishes that have been waiting for me since Sunday, do some laundry etc.

I know lots of couples who both work full time, and I’m wondering how they manage with all the regular life stuff on top of work.

I’m learning life lessons all over the place with this new job.

Oh, and here’s something fun: Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? I’ve been on it for months now and I’m completely hooked. It’s a website where you can pin anything and everything awesome that you find on the web. You categorize everything on different boards (one for recipes, one for decorating ideas, one for crafts etc.).

Here’s my Pinterest profile: http://pinterest.com/darlingk/

Check it out, and join! It’s so fun. Oh, and you’re welcome for your newest distraction.

Happy Tuesday!