I didn’t mean to go away for so long. Things have been crazy over here lately, mainly because I started a new job on Monday. I’ve been hired on permanently at the publishing house I’ve done a bit of work for in the past. I’m associate editor (awesome!) and doing some admin work as well. It’s just part time, but I’m trying to figure out how to adjust my freelance schedule with this new schedule, plus Theo’s schedule and our usual daily routine. Making things more difficult is the fact that we have one car, so I get up at 6 with Theo so that I can come with him to work and take the car. Then I have to arrange my work schedule so that I am done in time to pick him up.

It’s a little complicated, but we’re figuring it out. The days are long, but I’m thankful to have this job.

Now if only I hadn’t come down with that massive cold on Saturday…

p.s. It certainly feels like fall outside, and I love that.

Happy Tuesday to you.