One thing that Theo and I have missed about living in Winnipeg is the ample number of great concerts that would pop up in the fall. Every October and November during the 5 years that I lived in Winnipeg I went to multiple concerts of my most favourite bands: Hayden (x2), Magnolia Electric Company, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Sarah Harmer (x2), Bright Eyes, The Be Good Tanyas, Joel Plaskett, Great Lake Swimmers etc.

For being so out of the way, Winnipeg sure got a lot of excellent concerts. Calgary gets concerts too, obviously, but they’re usually more popular acts that I have no interest in. This November, however, we have purchased tickets to two concerts that I am SO excited about. The first is Matt Good, who Theo has been a fan of forever. The second is Feist, who I have never seen live. She’s coming out with a new album in October and we just bought tickets this morning, center stage, for her show in November.

If she’s coming to your neck of the woods, you should try and get tickets. November is going to feel a lot like Winnipeg autumns of the past.

So much past inside my present…