I am from old evergreen trees and rusty swing sets that creek under playful weight. From yellow no name brand and cereal before bed.

I am from the blue and white bungalow with the cold tile floor and a sliding screen door that was always in motion.

I am from the marigolds and dusty millers, the raspberry bush and crabapple tree.

I am from hot summers spent camping and strong men who played hockey, from Allens and Dicks and Connors and Rempels.

I am from the hard working and passionate learners, and the belly laughing practical jokers.

From the thunder caused by bowling games in heaven, and the “don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stick” tales.

I am from the Mennonites who practice peace, show love and care for the land. From the ‘now I lay me down to sleep’ and ‘let us thank Him for our food.’ From those who believe there is something bigger than us, and that we should treat each other with compassion and kindness.

I’m from the wild prairies, windswept wheat fields and dusty dirt roads; from rollkuchen and hard mint candies. From zweibach, homemade raspberry jam, ice-cold orange juice and sweet and sour meatballs with rice.

From hard fought cribbage games, trips to the Red Rooster for five-cent candies, tricycle riding on the back deck and slippery banana slides.

I am from sore feet in skates in the winter, rosy cheeks and catching snowflakes with your tongue. From summers spent sleeping next to fans, weeks spent in the woods and campfires by moonlight.

I’m from the little girl who pronounced hamburger ‘hambigoda’ and the young lady with her nose in a book.

I am from laughter, safety and adventure.

I am from Love.


Based on the original poem  – Where I’m From by George Ella Lyons found here and the template to make your own is found here. I first discovered this here. This was a fun writing exercise – try it if you like!

Ps. We are leaving tonight for Swift Current/the Lake and my posts will most likely be few next week. Happy Canada Day long weekend to you!