Last week was a bit of a blur. I came down with a wicked summertime cold on Wednesday that lasted straight through to Sunday. It’s official: summertime colds are the worst.

On Friday we headed out to Fernie with three friends, and I managed to have a really great time despite my congested head and watery eyes. We played cards, went for nature walks, explored the shops in downtown Fernie, ate a lot of good food and watched old movies. It’s good to know that Zoolander is still funny after all these years (it had been, like, 9 years since I last saw that one).

It was such a relaxing weekend (up until I backed the car into a cement divider in the parking lot…not my best moment). On today’s agenda: dealing with the new puncture wound in our rear bumper. I blame it all on my watery eyes. Like I said, summertime colds are the worst.