I acknowledge that there are a lot of people out there who don’t like Oprah. But, can we put those differences aside for today and recognize that her show ending, after 25 years, is a pretty big deal? Even if you aren’t an avid viewer, her show has permeated itself into the language of our society. The phrases “Aha moment” “Live your best life” “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!” are all associated with her show. I know, it can get ridiculous at times (see the aforementioned ‘you get a car’ fiasco), but there is no denying that her show has done more good than bad in our world.

 The Oprah show always came on at 5pm in Edmonton while I was growing up. My Mom would have it on while she made dinner and while we were either working on homework, bugging her about when dinner would be ready or playing with our yak backs, polly pockets or whatever new toy was around.

I don’t remember sitting and watching Oprah when I was really young, but I do remember her being on. That show was the soundtrack to our after school snacks and childhood rambunctiousness.

As I got older I started to identify with some of the messages on her show, and I started to watch with intention. I remember keeping a gratitude journal when I was a teenager, writing down 5 things I was grateful for every day because Oprah had talked about doing just that. It was such a good thing for me to do, and I hope it helped to curb a bit of the self-centered teenager melodrama that was bound to happen. When I was 18, I cut out an article from one of her magazines and glued it into a journal, underlining the phrase “How You Spend Your Time Defines Who You Are.” I still think about that phrase to this day. How am I spending my time? Am I wasting it in front of a computer screen? Am I making the most out of every day? Am I using my time to be productive? Have I set aside time that is just for myself today?

I know a lot of people see Oprah as one big ego, projecting her views, beliefs and vanities onto an audience who adores her. But I don’t see her like that. Sure, she’s a hugely famous super rich person, but she uses that fame and money to do good things. I don’t cling to her every word like some people, but I do recognize when she is saying or doing something important. I also recognize that a lot is better in this world because of what she has done.

It’s on in half an hour, I better go make myself a coffee.