So. Theo and I don’t take big trips very often. In fact, we’ve only ever really taken one big trip together and that was last summer’s amazing road trip to Oregon/California. We take small trips – jaunts to Fernie, or the lake, Edmonton or Swift Current. When we lived in Winnipeg we drove down to Minneapolis for a concert.

But here’s the thing: we have never flown on a jet together to a major vacation destination.

Yesterday we had the calendar out and began planning our summer. For weeks now we have been humming and hawing about going to Las Vegas. For a long time it was somewhere that was never on my radar. It always seemed too busy and crazy and totally overwhelming. Lately, however, it has seemed like a more logical place for us to spend some time: It’s an entirely different environment, there is SO much to do, it can be cheap in the {hot hot hot} summertime and it is somewhere that I think everyone should experience at least once.

Like New York, or Paris, or Hollywood. It’s a place of legend within our society.

So last night I looked at flights to Vegas on a whim. What did I find? A seat sale. A pretty major seat sale to be exact. Then I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just check out the rates for hotels on the strip. Oh, $31.00 a night at a major hotel on the Las Vegas strip? What? That’s cheaper than the buffet at the Bellagio! I quickly summoned Theo to the computer and excitedly showed him what I had found. We called our parents {it still feels like we can’t make a big decision like this without consulting their wise words}, asked ourselves all of the appropriate questions about actually going to Las Vegas and decided to just book it.

We only live once and seat sales/hotel rates like that only come around once in a blue moon. It was fate.

We booked it.

We are going to Las Vegas in mid-July. We are going to the desert in mid-July. I’ve got to start packing the sunscreen and water.

In less than 2 months this is where I’ll be.

Horray for spontaneous decisions!

Have you been to Vegas? What should we absolutely do while we’re there?

I might spend the rest of the day researching that very question.

Happy Monday to you!