{Out for a Mother’s Day walk}

We headed up to Edmonton on Friday for a fun family-filled Mother’s Day weekend. It included a barbeque (Summer! Time!), visiting, homemade Mother’s Day brunch, a walk through the woods where we spotted a moose and then, fittingly, dinner at the lovely Moose Factory.

Lately we have been enjoying the glorious springtime weather. Last night we fit in a walk through Bowness park in the dying evening sun and it felt like we were in an entirely different place. It’s funny how sandals and shorts can just make everything so much better.

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately because I’ve been feeling like nothing major has been happening in our lives. But then I realize that the minor things are also important, and have been taking the time to notice them. Like the delicious homemade pizza I made last night (every time I make a pizza I claim it to be the best one I’ve ever made. I actually think that was true last night), our cozy basement where we finished season 4 of Mad Men this week, the birds that sing every morning as I get out of bed, the sweet strawberries that were dirt cheap at the grocery store and evenings spent on the deck sipping a club soda with lemon.

These are the every day things that I am thankful for.