A long time ago in the far away land of Winnipeg, my dear friend Lindsay gave me a baby spider plant. It was cut from a larger plant that she owned, and my new baby spider plant found a nice home in an old clay pot.

It traveled across the prairies, surviving the trip from Winnipeg to Calgary and continued to grow.

Then, from out of nowhere, sprung a new baby spider plant.

{New baby plant with Mama plant}

Today the baby plant was cut from it’s Mama and placed in a jar of water to grow roots.

{Lindsay, can you believe how BIG that little cutting has become?!}

I love this time of year. It’s May, it’s sunny and new life is popping up all around. Yesterday I went for a walk after a quick rain shower and the grass seemed to be turning green right before my eyes. It felt so neat to take a new baby plant from a plant that I have cared for since it was a baby. In what ways do you see spring around you? I’m so glad it’s finally here.