I was the Queen of Laundry today. I think this must happen to everyone – when suddenly you realize that it’s been over a week since you did any laundry whatsoever and you try to desperately restore order to your bedroom and hallway floor by picking up clothes and towels and wash wash washing them. That happens to you, right? No? Just me? Let me tell you what, it’s a Royal Pain.

Speaking of being the Queen of Laundry, I have been enjoying the hoopla surrounding the Royal Wedding this week. I know, I know, the hype is way too crazy, but you must admit that there is something dreamy about a full blown, over-the-top fairy tale wedding. Especially the part about a commoner who will one day be a Queen. That’s straight out of the fairy tales! I’m planning on getting up in the night, making a pot of English Breakfast Tea and watching the ceremony (no PVR in this house!). I do not believe that Theo will be joining me in this nighttime event, so it will be a tea party for one. I’m thinking of making some scones.

Hope your Wednesday has been marvelous!