My weekend was wild. Last week I made a last minute decision to try and get up to Edmonton so that I could be at Game #5 of the final round of playoffs for the AJHL Enerflex Cup. My brother’s hockey team, the Spruce Grove Saints, were up against the Camrose Kodiaks and they could win it all that night.

Last year I stayed back in Calgary (because of school) and had to listen to the final game online. I really regretted not making more of an effort to be there for the Saints’ big win. So this year, no regrets. I hopped on a Greyhound bus on Friday afternoon and made it to Edmonton by 3. Theo, sadly, could not come along because of bad timing with work. The latest he could leave was 4, and the game started at 7. Too bad.

But, I made it. We had a quick dinner at Peter’s Pizza in Spruce Grove (along with complimentary ‘special’ coffees from Peter himself) and then rushed over to the rink, 2 hours early,  to save 12 seats for the Allen fan posse.

I was so nervous.

But guess what? They won.

Also? My brother Scott was awarded the MVP. MVP of the AJHL playoffs. Amazing.

{Proud sisters with their MVP brother}

Congratulations to Scotty and all of the Saints. It was such an awesome night. I even got to drink out of the huge Enerflex Cup at the after party up in the lounge. It was…interesting.

The Saints are now off to Vernon, BC to take on the Vernon Vipers for the Doyle Cup. We’ll see if a last minute trip can be swung for that as well.

Now, I’m off to edit the day away. I currently have 3 manuscripts on the go. Life is good.

Happy Monday to you!